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Transforming Tough Times Into Tough People

SOP 9: How to Build A Home Exercise Program

The Journey of Starting Over Podcast

  This episode of the Starting Over Podcast is a featured audio re-broadcast of our most recent post on Home Exercise for Women. (Length of podcast is 11:55.) To Subscribe To The Podcast, Please Use The Links Below: Click Here to Subscribe via RSS (non-iTunes feed) If you have a chance, please leave me an honest rating and review […]

Home Exercise for Women: 100+ Exercises to Shape Your Body


Home exercise for women is a practical solution. It is entirely possible for anyone to lose 25, 50 and more than 100 pounds by working out at home. This article shows you how to make it happen. I had a friend who was almost 50 pounds overweight and was determined to get back her girly figure. […]

The Best Ways To Lose Weight Fast Are Lies

To lose weight fast may contain surprises you didn't expect nor desire.

The number one question everyone asks is “How can I lose weight fast?”   I know exactly how to lose weight fast. Almost 20 years ago, I was at my highest weight ever. For someone who was three inches shy of six feet tall, I was pear-shaped and couldn’t stand to look in the mirror. […]

The Shocking Truth About Food Cravings and Video Games

Food cravings are a punishment!

It’s past your bedtime; you’re watching Sharknado for the fifth time, and it strikes – food cravings. Oh crap. Recently, I posted an article about self-control being a myth. The urge to push off food cravings can be tough. The earlier that someone begins their health restart journey, the more this is true. Self-control is […]

How to Lose and Maintain Your Weight Loss (Like I Do)

maintain your weight loss

Is it possible to maintain your weight loss? The answer is YES. That’s good, right? Because people shouldn’t invest efforts in something that doesn’t work. Speaking of work… Does maintaining your health and weight loss take work? Yep. “Wait, what!?“ For anyone who just read that and expects that maintaining a healthy lifestyle doesn’t take […]

Alert: Self-Control Is A Myth You Should Avoid

Self-control is a myth

The concept of self-control is a myth. Does this shock or surprise you in any way? Self-control is an ingredient everyone claims they possess or want to own. I’m here to tell you that self-control is a myth, pure and straightforward. Here’s why. If a recovering alcoholic strolled the aisles of a liquor store weekly, […]