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Weight Loss Recipes to Increase Energy and Willpower

weight loss recipes can be super easy

Weight loss recipes are a great solution when it comes to maintaining your health or losing weight. Does that surprise you? But the problem is this – when you hear the term “weight loss recipes,” people cover their ears for fear that their beloved taste buds will rebuke them and leave the country. (Ear Muffs, kid!) […]

Sandbag Training – How to Save Money And Burn Fat

sandbag training at CrossFit Rogue

Sandbag training was the last thing I considered for my home gym equipment when it should have been the first. As I looked around my garage, I had collected a sweet assortment of workout equipment: a pull-up bar, a squat rack, a climbing rope, kettlebells, barbells and bumper plates, medicine balls, etc. I’d spent a […]

Diet Trends For 2016: What You Should Know

Diet trends for 2016 - all quiet in February

Diet trends have been around well before you or I were born. If there is one thing consistent about diets, it’s that they never go away. Well, except for February and December, that is. Before we dig in – quick question: Did you ever do something stupid when you were a kid? Yeah, me too. And […]

How to Make Working Out at Home Fun (And Cheap)

How to Make Working Out at Home Fun treadmill

How you can make working out at home fun has to start with a quick story. A close friend bought a pretty expensive weight machine set for the family. I mean $$REALLY$$ expensive. When I came over the first time after it was set up, it dominated the family room. It had all the cables, […]

100 Ways How to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight

how to stay motivated to lose weight accountability partner

How to stay motivated to lose weight starts with a story. (No Goldilocks I promise, except for that adorable little girl below.) Over ten years ago I was on a mission to lose weight and improve my health. My coach created a strategy I’d never come across. It was scary. I mean really scary. It […]

Morning Workout Hacks to Unlock Your Best Day

morning workout routine

Morning workout routines are the last thing on your mind as you wake up. I used to think like that too until I came across an article by the Huffington Post.  A morning workout can help with cravings (needed help with that one!), frees your day since the workout is taken care of early on, increases […]