What’s Jeff Up To Now?

Each month, my intention is to update this page so you can get a feel for what is going on in my world. I guess if you don’t care, now’s the time to click over. :)

As a point of reference, I’m writing this on April 28 to discuss my plans for May.

  • My manuscript is in the hands of my editor for review, freeing me up for many other duties – it arrives back by May 31 (insert fingernail biting).
  • My current online coursework continues. I’ll be supremely focused on two areas – building my email list and guest blogging.
  • My Instagram accounts continue to climb. You can check them out at @startingoverjourney which has over 5,000 followers and @primaltransformation which has over 3,000. A stretch goal, as time allows, is to get another 5,000 in the month of May. Stay tuned…
  • Last month I earned my certification to become a Primal Blueprint Certified Expert, less than two hundred in the U.S.A. To add to that I just got my CrossFit Level-1 Trainer designation. I turn to these great bodies of knowledge for future coursework and design.
  • My current partnership and giveaway with RoamProof’s SOS20K has been a hit so far. Anticipated email list growth of over 1,000. I’ll be weeding through that list to see who are actually interested in health and providing services towards my free course to get started.
  • I’ll continue reading my latest book of interest, Self Talk by Shad Helmstetter.  Good read about how to motivate oneself internally.
  • My poor podcast has taken the brunt of neglect this past month. If you know of any good interviewees, let me know!
  • Last but not least, I’ve started a Beta Club from my early members who I’ll take guidance from on future coursework. Anxious to see what comes of this initiative!

My mantra for May – time to take action – how about you!?