Home Exercise for Women: 100+ Exercises to Shape Your Body

Home exercise for women is a practical solution.

It is entirely possible for anyone to lose 25, 50 and more than 100 pounds by working out at home.

This article shows you how to make it happen.

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I had a friend who was almost 50 pounds overweight and was determined to get back her girly figure. She lacked the equipment she felt she needed, so she went to the gym to get into shape.

Big mistake.

Not only was the gym staff rude that day, the trainer they set her up with showed more interested in flirting with the other clients than helping her with the gym’s equipment. She tweaked her back, came home and cried her eyes out. For the next week, she was depressed, physically hurt and emotionally injured.

She vowed never to set foot in a gym ever again. Regardless, she lost the 50 pounds on her terms, and you might have already guessed where she did it. Yep, she lost 50 pounds working out at home.

Amanda Wicker shows home exercise for women is doable.

Amanda Wicker, shown above, is one of many who lost more than 100 pounds using a home exercise for women program. Using a food journal, DVD’s and starting up a support group, she pushed the envelope and recreated herself.

Today, I’m going to show you step by step how to make it happen, providing you more than 20 of the most effective home exercise movements for women (men, too) that can be done with next to no equipment at all. You’ll increase your flexibility, your mobility and restore your health at the same time.

I’ve compiled a list of 100 home exercises in a video and easy to reference training guide you can download when you are ready to take it to the next level. In our Free Exercise Bundle is a Tracking Log, List of 100+ Exercises, Video and a PDF Download File of this post! Just click below.

Home exercise for women
Download All 100 Home Exercise For Women Movements (Includes the 100+ Exercise Video, List of Exercises, Tracking Log and PDF Download of This Post).

The Six Step
Home Exercise for Women
Weight Loss System

I’m going to walk you through the six key steps you need to follow to set up a successful home exercise for women program.

Step #1: Know your “Before” and your “Why”

Set your ground rules. Write down your purpose for weight loss. Make it personal. Make it deep-rooted. Don’t make your goal “I want to lose 20 pounds.” Instead, something like, “Without my health regained, my blood pressure/waistline/, etc. will increase, and I won’t be able to do the things I want to do.” List those things you want to do. Write them assertively. “I am a hiker. I love my body.” Make the statements visually appealing in your mind. Rehearse seeing yourself doing those things every day. Make those goals so tangible you can taste them.

Be this dog. Want it that bad.Home exercise for women is successful when you know why you want to succeed.

Take your before pictures as proof one day of what you are leaving behind. You don’t want to be that person.

Step #1a: Know your Before measurements

It’s important to gain medical clearance before you engage in any physical or weight loss regimen, so use the numbers as a baseline for where you are headed. At the minimum, find out your blood pressure, cholesterol, waist size, weight, and body fat percentage. By the way, don’t choose the scale that gives you a lower number. Use a home scale that you have access to frequently and go by whatever number it shows. To find out your body fat percentage, you can schedule an appointment with a gym trainer who is skilled at using Skinfold calipers for the best measure of body fat, unless there is a BodPod in your town. At worse case, use the YMCA online calculator that requires your waist and your weight. It’s not as accurate, but it gets you started.

Step #2: Get Your Nutrition Dialed In

Unbeknownst to many, your food intake or diet (hate that word!) is 80% of the battle. Be sure to get your food macronutrients dialed in (fats, protein and carbohydrates). Knowing what your body fat percentage is, take your lean body mass and multiply that by .7 which will tell you how many grams of protein are ideal for ladies. (For men, it’s 1 X lean body mass). So if you weight 200 pounds, and your body fat percentage is 35%, your lean body mass percentage is estimated at 1-35% or 65%. 65% X 200= 130, so plan to ingest 130 grams of protein per day.

For carbohydrates, the goal is to bring them down to a manageable 50 grams or less, replacing those carbohydrate calories with healthy fats like grass-fed butter, grass-fed meat, avocados, etc. Our bodies do not require carbohydrates for energy – enough saturated fats provide efficient sources of energy. This article tells you more about that.

Log what you eat in a journal like the one shown for added accountability and tracking. Assuming your nutrition is ready to go, let’s get our Home Exercise for Women going!Home exercise for women is successful when you track your activities and food.

Step #3: Choose your location, time of day and SCHEDULE IT!

Workouts are important and must be scheduled. Your health is a priority! A home exercise for women program requires consistency, adherence, and accountability. Schedule the best time of the day that works for you. Select a place that has some space to provide the ability to do various exercises. This might be your living room, bedroom, backyard or even your garage. With a few horse stall mats, you can easily convert your garage into a gym. (That’s what I do).

Step #4: Although optional, working out with a partner has secret powers

Working out with a partner holds several advantages for you over going it solo. Pick someone who shares your goals of health, someone who is dependable and will push you as much as you will push them. Shared experiences like this make working out fun – and that’s what it’s all about!

Step #5: It’s time to Work Out!

Workout exercises are a-plenty. The routines you can make with them are just as many. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but a good workout routine should provide for the following:

  • Increase heart rate into a training zone between 50-75% of your maximum heart rate (no more)
  • Bodyweight routines should be an average of 30-60 minutes in length. In the beginning, 30 minutes might be rough, so focus on your form, technique, and intensity as you build up.
  • Schedule 3 days a week to start
  • Variety is the spice that keeps you coming back.

21 Exercises Video:

Here are the 21 bodyweight exercises to get you started in your Home Exercise For Women workouts:

  1. Plank – lying on your chest, extend your arms shoulder width, raising your body into the top part of a push-up. Hold for 10 second or more increments, focusing on keeping your abs and butt tight and in a straight line. Don’t sag in the middle!
  2. Side plank – From the plank position, shift your weight onto one arm lifting the other to the side and above you. Keep your abs and shoulder tight, avoiding too much twist at the hip.
  3. Hollow rocks – lying on your back, lift your hands above your head and your feet off the ground, as though your body is forming the bottom part of a circle or hollow rock. Hold for 10 second or more increments.Home Exercise for Women
  4. Crunches – lying on your back, lift your head toward your knees. Once your hip has formed a crease, slowly return to the ground and repeat. Hands should not be behind the neck nor should too much momentum be used to lift the trunk.
  5. V-ups – lying on the ground, much like the hollow rocks, keep your arms straight and bring your chest towards your legs as you lift the legs. From the side angle, you’ll make a “V.” When you’ve touched your toes or gone as far as your mobility allows, slowly descend your arms and legs back to the ground and repeat.V-ups are a viable choice for a home exercisefor women workout.
  6. Shrugs – using dumbbells, kettlebells, jugs of detergent or whatever is handy, put as equal weight as possible in each hand. Keeping your arms straight, shrug your shoulder as high as you can. Hold for 3 seconds, descend the shoulders and repeat.
  7. Handstand Hold – every exercise list needs those challenging movements. This is one of them! With your arms extended overhead, drop them to the ground as you kick up against a wall for support. Use a mat, pillow or blanket under your head for safety. Keeping your shoulders active while looking straight ahead (not down at the ground), hold for 10-second increments or more. When done, kick off the wall in a controlled fashion. (Kick off your shoes if doing this indoors, so you don’t scuff your walls!)
  8. Wall Walks – While your shoes are off, try this additional wall exercise. Placing your feet at the base of the wall as you lie face down, walk your hands slowly toward the wall as you walk your feet up the wall. Keep your torso straight and your shoulders active.Home exercise for women can be loads of fun!
  9. Deadlifts – using that laundry detergent or with water jugs in both hands, lift with your legs keeping your back at a 45-degree angle until your legs are extended. Repeat in reverse order lowering the jugs.
  10. Air Squats – Stand with your feet a little wider than hip-width apart, your toes turned out slightly, and your arms are resting at your sides. Engage your abdominal muscles and broaden across your chest by gently pulling your shoulder blades in towards each other. Bend your knees slowly, pushing your butt and hips out and down behind you as if you are sitting down into a chair. Keep your head and shoulders aligned over your knees and your knees aligned over your ankles. Keep your weight balanced evenly between the front and back of your feet. Lower your body until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Keep your knees externally rotating, or tracking over your toes; don’t let them fall inward. As you lower down, raise your arms up and in front of you no higher than parallel to the ground. Maintain broadness across the chest and lift the torso up off the thighs. Straighten your legs to come up, and lower your arms back to your side.Home Exercise for Women
  11. Pushups – Get on the floor on all fours, positioning your hands slightly wider than your shoulders.Extend your legs back so that you are balanced on your hands and toes. Keep your body in a straight line from head to toe without sagging in the middle or arching your back. You can position you feet to be close together or a bit wider depending upon what is most comfortable for you. Before you begin any movement, contract your abs and tighten your core by pulling your belly button toward your spine. Keep a tight core throughout the entire push up. Inhale as you slowly bend your elbows and lower yourself until your elbows are at a 90-degree angle. Exhale as you begin contracting your chest muscles and pushing back up through your hands to the start position. Don’t lock out the elbows; keep them slightly bent.
  12. Sprinting – Determine which leg you will start with by standing straight and jumping forward. The leg that moves forward is your starting leg. Get into the starting stance by placing your lead foot at the starting line and bend the knee at a 45-degree angle. Place your hands on the ground, next to the lead leg, and lower your head into a comfortable position between your arms. Relax your body to limit tension. At the start, pull your rear pushing leg forward in a jumping motion when you hear “Go.” Pull your body into an upright running position as you begin to sprint forward. Keep your arms bent at the elbow and pump them up and down in a smooth motion. Relax while you sprint to maintain speed. Avoid tensing your body or turning your head. Run on your toes and bring your knees up to a 90-degree angle to increase your pushing force as the foot hits the ground. Continue to sprint forward until after your foot crosses the finish line.
  13. Walking Lunges – Stand upright, feet together, and take a controlled step forward with your right leg, lowering your hips toward the floor by bending both knees to 90-degree angles. The back knee should point toward but not touch the ground, and your front knee should be directly over the ankle. Press your right heel into the ground, and push off with your left foot to bring your left leg forward, stepping with control into a lunge on the other side.home exercise for women includes lunges
  1. Reverse Lunges – To begin, stand tall with you hands at your hips or overhead, which is the most challenging of the two positions. Take a large and controlled step backward with your left foot. Lower your hips so that your right thigh (front leg) becomes parallel to the floor with your right knee positioned directly over your ankle. Your left knee should be bent at a 90-degree angle and pointing toward the floor with your left heel lifted. Returning to standing by pressing your right heel into the floor and bringing your left leg forward to complete one rep.
  2. Inchworms – Stand with your feet at hip width. Hinge forward at the waist and touch the floor with your palms. Bend your knees, if necessary. Walk your hands forward until you are supporting all your weight on your hands and toes. Your body should make a straight line, and your hands should line up with your shoulders. Hold this position for 10 seconds. Walk your feet forward to meet your hands. Keep your palms on the floor and bend your knees, if necessary. Repeat the inchworm five times or until you get to a wall. Turn around and inchworm back in the opposite direction.
  3. Mountain Climbers – Assume a push-up position, so your hands are directly under your chest at shoulder width apart with straight arms. Your body should form a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles. Lift your right foot off the floor and slowly raise your knee as close to your chest as you can. Return to the starting position and repeat with your left leg. Continue alternating for the desired number of reps or time.Home Exercise for Women
  4. Bear Crawl – Start in a push-up position with the hands shoulder-width apart and the legs straight out directly behind the body about hip-width apart, keeping the knees bent. Push the toes of the left foot into the floor while squeezing the right thigh and glute. Move the left hand and the right leg forward to start crawling. Alternate the arm and leg movements while keeping the back straight and the hips and shoulders at the same height. Crawl for the desired distance.Home exercise for women is as easy as watching a baby crawl.
  5. Burpees – Bend over or squat down and place your hands on the floor in front of you, just outside of your feet. Jump both feet back so that you’re now in plank position. Drop to a push-up—your chest should touch the floor. You can also drop to your knees here, which makes the impending push-up easier. Push up to return to plank position (this can be a strict push-up, a push-up from the knees, or not a push-up at all (i.e., just push yourself up from the ground as you would if you weren’t working out)—your choice). Jump the feet back in toward the hands. Explosively jump into the air, reaching your arms straight overhead.
  6. Wall Sit – Start by standing about 2 feet away from a wall with your back against the wall. Slide your back down the wall until your hips and knees bend at a 90 degrees angle. Keep the shoulders, upper back and the back of the head against the wall. Both feet should be flat on the ground with the weight evenly distributed. Hold for the required amount of time.Home Exercise for Women
  7. Pike to Plank to Pushup – ) Get in high plank position, with your hands under your shoulders and your body straight from head to heels. Lift your hips and shift your body back into a pike shape by pressing your hands into the floor. Return to the starting position and execute a pushup.
  8. Butt kickers – Stand with the knees close together, arms either down by the side of behind on top of the bottom. Flex your left knee and the left leg behind you, so it touches the glute, return that leg to the floor and repeat with the right leg. The quicker you can perform this the better.

Our video demonstrating each exercise is above. When you’re ready for more exercises and demonstrations, the full list of 100+ bodyweight exercises and a demonstration video is available here.

Step 6: Select a Combination of Exercises and Change Them Up for Variety and Confusion

Home exercise for women doesn’t have to be hard. Start by choosing two exercises that you may not be familiar with and practice them. Take your time and pay attention to form to minimize injury. After 15-20 minutes of practice, choose 3-5 of the other exercises and create a circuit.

Here’s an example:

  1. Practice Wall Sits for 5 minutes
  2. Rest
  3. Practice Inchworms for 5 minutes
  4. Rest
  5. Workout Routine for the Day: (4 sets of 15 reps of each)
    1. Buttkickers
    2. Plank holds
    3. Burpees
    4. Deadlifts

Change up the exercises often, play with different reps and sets and make it a challenge so that your heart rate is within  50-75% of your maximum heart rate.

Conclusions For a
Home Exercise for Women

Home-based workouts are incredibly effective.

Follow these specific steps for the best chances of success:

Step 1: Write down your baseline information so you can track your progress. Know the reason why you are working out so that it pushes you as internal motivation to keep going.

Step 2: Get your food plan put together and in place to set you up for success while training.

Step 3: Schedule your workout so that it becomes a priority in your day and you know where you’ll be doing the workouts.

Step 4: Find a workout partner if possible.

Step 5: Workout using the bodyweight exercises given

Step 6: Create a combination of exercises that will keep you busy for 30-60 minutes, at least three times each week.

I’ve created a package of additional exercises and a template of workout plans to help you set up your first home exercise for women program. That package gives you:

Access the bonuses here:

Home exercise for women
Click Here to Download All 100 Home Exercise For Women Movements.

The Best Ways To Lose Weight Fast Are Lies

The number one question everyone asks is “How can I lose weight fast?”  

I know exactly how to lose weight fast.

Almost 20 years ago, I was at my highest weight ever. For someone who was three inches shy of six feet tall, I was pear-shaped and couldn’t stand to look in the mirror. I was buying new clothes because my waistline kept growing.

I resolved to lose some weight, so I did. I lost almost 50 pounds in less than nine months. 

I caught the running bug, ran several races and even completed the Chicago Marathon in 1998.

The Chicago Marathon helped me lose weight fast. Too fast.

In this article, I’m going to share with you how you can lose weight fast without running a marathon. In fact, you can lose weight fast without even running that much at all. I’ve compiled ten lessons everyone should know that will increase their health while decreasing their weight. It’s all self-contained in a free email course. Just sign up below to get started.

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Now it’s confession time.

The year I took up running and completed the Chicago Marathon; that was a big learning year for me. The lesson hit home the day I received my official video and podium picture.

Christian Bale had to lose weight fast for his movie roles.

No, I’m not Christian Bale, and I didn’t look as gaunt as he did in 2004, but I was pretty skinny. Christian is shown at 124 pounds. I was 135 pounds. 

I was lean. I had no muscle mass, and my joints hurt from running as much as I did. If you peek back up at that first picture of my marathon results, I ran the first half in just over two hours but slowed down significantly in the 2nd half of the race. That’s because I ran out of energy, hit the wall, screwed up my hip and knee, and walked a large portion of the last ten miles. After the marathon, I gave up running. I was led into the “Carbs are your fuel” lie, and I regained 20 lbs. Quickly. I’m telling you all of this to answer the question posed earlier.

The truth of this matter is you shouldn’t lose weight fast. Did you gain your weight fast? Most see weight gains that accumulate over the years, slowly sneaking the numbers up the scale as the waistline and blood pressure increase.

Several studies have shown that if you accelerate weight loss, not only is it dangerous, it’s not sustainable. When you try to lose weight too quickly, especially a large amount of weight within a short time frame, you’re going to lose a lot of muscle mass as well. That’s not good when it’s fat you’re hoping to shed.

This contestant had the ability to lose weight fast but couldn't keep it off.

Suzanne Mendonca lost 90 pounds during her season on the Biggest Loser. The picture on the right is her after the show aired. All of her weight was regained. Many Biggest Loser contestants share a similar situation based on the aggressive tactics used to lose weight fast in a short time frame.

This Is Not The Way You Lose Weight Fast

A typical weight loss journey to lose weight fast starts with a revised meal plan. You are told to start eating less than you’re used to eating. You’re taught to monitor your food, which is good. You’re focused in the beginning. You talk about your diet with your spouse, partner, friends, and family. You’re proud of your attempts to turn your health around – and you should be. You are wearing the honor like a Badge of Courage.

You feel good for once about what you’re doing in your life. The wheels begin to come off however as challenges appear that you didn’t expect or weren’t taught to handle. For example, the first time you go out to eat with your co-workers and they continue to order what they always have. You look around the table at what everybody else is eating. You order your salad and spend more time wishing it was a juicy double cheeseburger. Then things don’t come to be so fun anymore.

The first few weeks of working out are much the same way. At first, you’re so excited. You gear up in new gym clothes and tennis shoes. You walk into the gym for the first time ready to attack, but reality hits hard. Everybody looks fitter than you. You feel judged. Insecurities begin to pop up. Things get harder. The psychology of weight loss takes its toll.

You’ve seen people on TV drop 10 pounds a week, so you jump on the scale and expect the same so you too can lose weight fast. When the numbers don’t match your expectations, you either work out harder (bad approach), eat less (even worse), or you give up (ugh.)

One day your body is used to taking in immense amounts of calories, then the next minute there aren’t many calories coming in. Then on top of that, there’s this strange thing called “the workout” that’s being forced into the same body that hasn’t worked out for a long time. The body isn’t sure what to do. This whole endeavor to lose weight fast isn’t so simple.

Believing that you can or should drop weight quickly, you’re stuck in a tough process of false expectations. When your 30-day weight loss plan doesn’t go as expected, you give it another 30 days or perhaps 60. Changes begin to occur, but still not as quickly as you were led to believe. Somewhere in the middle, many give up. Sadly this scheme to lose weight fast is not so quick after all. Plus it’s dangerous.

Here’s the Right Way to Lose Weight

To avoid failing before you start, begin with a sustainable plan. There are plenty out there. I recommend the Paleo Diet or Primal lifestyle because of the many health benefits it provides. Sustainable means focusing on dropping weight to the tune of 2 pounds per week.

Begin by clearing your pantry of all processed foods or those that will trip up your progress. Replace your former food with whole foods like meats, vegetables, and some fruits. 

There are several resources on the web for great recipes that are low-carb. Steer clear of sugars and carbohydrates unless they are low-glycemic carbs like sweet potatoes. One easy to follow recipe is a roast cooked in the crock pot during the day, accompanied with carrots, celery, onions and lots of spices. Or, fix chili and leave out the beans.

Don't lose weight fast. Spread out the timeframe for success.As for your workouts, make it easy. Plan for 30-60 minutes of exercise for 3-4 days a week. Do bodyweight exercises like air squats, pushups, pullups or burpees. Go slow at first, focusing on form. As your body becomes more flexible and mobile, you’ll be able to increase your workload.

Stay active. Turn off the TV and go for walks. Enjoy the outdoors if possible.

don't lose weight fast - for large amounts it can take a year or more.

Sleep is important as well for recovery. A good eight hours of sleep will do wonders, and this is of particular importance as it relates to muscle growth.  All sorts of muscle magic happens when you sleep, so don’t skimp out.

Dont lose weight fast. Lose fat.

Leave the scale alone. True change will be seen in how your clothes fit. The weight may creep up at times, but that’s only offset numbers from your muscle growth replacing your fat loss.

Speaking of fat loss – that is the key here and not weight loss. The best approach focuses on sustainability. It may not come off as fast as you would like, but the results will be unmistakeable and your transformation journey will continue long after you reach your health goals.


A successful fat and weight loss plan is not something done overnight. Depending on your weight, find a plan that focuses less on a time frame and more on the fat to be lost. Losing weight and regaining your health is much more than just what’s covered here. Here’s a quick synopsis:

Step 1: Find an approach that zeroes in on reducing carbohydrates and processed foods.

Step 2: Rid your pantry of processed foods so you won’t be distracted to go back to old ways.

Step 3: Enroll in our Health Restart Course for a foundational education (along with a few surprises) on how you can get the health you never knew existed. The lessons are bite-sized and contain information including:

  • A sure-fire technique to uncovering your personal purpose that will guarantee success.
  • The importance of sleep.
  • Why government food labeling is misleading your best efforts and what to do about it.
  • How 30 pounds can be lost just by avoiding this one item.

The course is free; no cost, no obligation and you can opt-out at any time. Your health is worth it, so start today!

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The Shocking Truth About Food Cravings and Video Games

It’s past your bedtime; you’re watching Sharknado for the fifth time, and it strikes – food cravings.

Oh crap.

Recently, I posted an article about self-control being a myth. The urge to push off food cravings can be tough. The earlier that someone begins their health restart journey, the more this is true. Self-control is Ninja magic. Yoda power type of stuff.

Food cravings are a punishment!

If you’re reading this, we need to resort to a few other tactics first to push off food cravings.

It’s anyone’s guess what brings cravings around. For most, it’s boredom. For others its old habits creeping back in. Whatever the case, food cravings drag you down the black hole you’re trying to escape. You know you can’t keep doing what you’ve done – that’s insanity, right?

Cave to your craves and you’re in a world of hurt. Permanently.

The question then becomes – how do I stop these cravings? Why does crappy food call my name?

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Food Cravings Can Be Stopped –
And You’ll Never Guess How!

Believe it or not, there is an actual study on the topic of food cravings called “The Elaborated Intrusion Theory.” From smokers to addicts across the board, cravings pop up even years after stopping said addiction. The experience of past engagement activates a precursor for desire. Your mind rehearses what it would be like to re-experience the craved object.

[bctt tweet=”Cave to your craves and you’re in a world of hurt. Permanently.” username=”jpickett1968″]

Sound familiar? (Food porn.)

At the inception of any craving, psychologists discovered that playing Tetris for just three minutes reduces that demonic urge for food cravings. Drinking water, engaging in any physical exertion (like jumping jacks) or changing your immediate environment can also disrupt your food cravings.

Pay attention here – the visual imagery from these activities disrupts the production of enticing images, like food craving types of thoughts.


Because food cravings come about through repeated thoughts and imagery – you need to intrude on those ideas. Like slamming the phone down on a telemarketer! It turns out that when you play Tetris or engage in an alternative activity, you shift your thoughts to that realm and away from your food cravings.

The next time you feel the desire for ice cream or pizza coming on, intrude on those thoughts at the earliest point possible. Even while you’re reading this perhaps! Shift your mind to your future self, a recent news story, do some burpees, or grab your smartphone and start playing a game.

Moral of the story: Get some “Pac-Man Fever” to avoid packing on the weight. Start by checking out our Free 10-Lesson Health Restart Course. The details are up above to get started. Or go here as well.

How to Lose and Maintain Your Weight Loss (Like I Do)

Is it possible to maintain your weight loss?

The answer is YES.

That’s good, right? Because people shouldn’t invest efforts in something that doesn’t work. Speaking of work…

Does maintaining your health and weight loss take work? Yep.

“Wait, what!?

For anyone who just read that and expects that maintaining a healthy lifestyle doesn’t take some work should stop reading right about now. Or, please email me the last week you didn’t work and still expected a paycheck.

Maintaining health takes work! Anything worth having does. Destroy the myth that you restrict your calories, work to a sweat and in 30/60/90 days, you’re all put back together again.


As mentioned before, your health has to be a priority if you want to maintain your weight loss and health. Like all things worth having, put in the work.maintain your weight loss

Here’s How to Lose and Maintain Your Weight Loss

As you might have guessed, that FitBit dashboard image up there is me (see the JP?). Over a year ago, I transitioned away from the corporate gig and went solo. Not only was that the best decision for my health, but it has also allowed the opportunity to do this site and help others.

  • May – 180.0 lbs. (Baseline)
  • June – 175.7 lbs. (-4.3 lbs.)
  • July – 173.3 lbs. (-2.4 lbs.)
  • August – 169.9 lbs. (-3.4 lbs.)
  • September – 165.7 lbs. (-4.2 lbs.)
  • October – 163.2 lbs. (-2.5 lbs.)
  • November – 163.1 lbs. (-0.1 lbs.)
  • December – 163.4 lbs. (+0.3 lbs.) Damn you Holidays!
  • January – 163.2 lbs.(-0.2 lbs.)
  • February – 162.5 lbs. (-0.7 lbs.)
  • March – 161.0 lbs. (-1.4 lbs.)
  • April – 160.1 (-.9 lbs.)

I provide these numbers as fact and proof that you can lose weight, maintain your weight loss and even lose more, just like I did. It takes intention, focus and a plan.

The first four months or so, I was very intentional about how much weight I lost, not wanting to lose muscle mass. Fast weight loss like that shown on the Biggest Loser is inspirational, but it comes at a cost, including metabolic derangement, muscle loss and the very real likelihood of regaining the weight. Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

As you study my numbers, based on average monthly weight, you’ll see I lost four pounds the first month, less pounds the next, but then more the next and following months. Plateaus can occur, but I have tricks to bust that up.

Once my weight goal was achieved in September, I lost a little more and then kept it off without deviating above my weight target for the past eight months, actually declining some more in the past few months.

maintain your weight loss

If I told you some of the items I enjoy, you’d shake your head. For example, I drink Bulletproof Coffee with my wife every morning. Guess what? Nutritionally, that’s about 470 calories, and it’s all fat – 52 grams of it! Despite conventional wisdom and what modern medicine would tell you, I should have gained weight, right? Instead, I continue to maintain and now am losing.

I eat a high-fat, moderate protein and low carb meal plan. Is it sustainable? My results speak for themselves – yes. My body responds well to this – staying active, alert and healthy, even at the ripe age of 48.

I work out three days a week, using a high-intensity interval training approach also known as CrossFit, which includes weightlifting, gymnastics, and mono structural activities like rowing, running and biking. My “cardio” is baked into my workouts, so I never run more than a mile on any given day.

To summarize, is it possible to maintain your weight loss? Yes, it is, as I have demonstrated. Can you lose weight and then maintain your weight loss? Yes, you can. My free introductory course is waiting for you. Step up and see how it feels to be healthy today. At no charge.

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Alert: Self-Control Is A Myth You Should Avoid

The concept of self-control is a myth.

Does this shock or surprise you in any way?Self-control is a myth

Self-control is an ingredient everyone claims they possess or want to own. I’m here to tell you that self-control is a myth, pure and straightforward. Here’s why.

If a recovering alcoholic strolled the aisles of a liquor store weekly, what would their chances be of giving in? Pretty high, right? That makes sense for anyone with addiction. Taking it a step further, we can assume recovering addicts don’t keep their bottles, narcotics or vices on hand. Surely if they did, the temptation would be too great.

So why do you do this to yourself when it comes to your health?

Whether we want to believe it or not, Food Addiction is real. Sugar addiction is real, just as potent as cocaine dependence. You tempt your body with poor choices when your pantry contains the very foods you know will steer you off course. But yet you leave it there, don’t you? You tuck it behind the canned goods to “hide it,” but you know it’s still there. And one night after everyone has gone to bed, you’ll give in.

It doesn’t stop there. This breakdown of willpower begins to justify this decision. “Oh, I can afford a little cheat because I worked out today.” That leads to the next day, the same internal dialogue and the same caving in of willpower. Before you know it, the days lead to weeks lead to months – and that hard work and health are now in the back seat where you found it many months ago.

If you’re reading this, you know exactly what I am talking about. I know myself – I’m a self-diagnosed food addict.

If that box of donuts up above were in my house – I’d eat at least eight of them and justify every reason why it would be OK.

Self-Control is Justifiable
(But It’s Not)

If you read this part, you have to promise not to use any of the incriminating information against me – or for your use.

The lack of inner self-control comes out when we want something bad enough. You know all the defense mechanisms and if you don’t, here’s a few I’d use:

  • “Are you saying I’m too fat that I can’t enjoy one donut? Seriously?” I’d transfer my rationalization onto others, make them feel bad – and then I could win. Then I’d eat more than one. Maybe the whole dozen. The totally unfair tactic, in case you didn’t pick that up.
  • “I did work out today, so…” Then I’d eat a bunch, feel like crap, get down on myself and either beat myself up more (not healthy) or I’d figure it was time to throw in the towel, so I’d repeat cheating the next day.
  • “There’s always tomorrow.” Then I’d justify why today was too hot, too cold, rainy; a sore arm came back, etc. Yeah, there’s always tomorrow. But will you be there tomorrow? One day you won’t.
  • The “wait til everyone else is in bed tactic” is nearly flawless. If my wife is in bed, she won’t hear me open the freezer and devour what’s left of the ice cream. Until she sees the trash can and discovers the empty carton.
  • “It’s my body, and I can do with it what I want.” Yeah, that’s a fair statement at first glance. But did you know that a 40-year-old patient who is diagnosed with diabetes will pay up to $200,000 in health care until they die? And guess who picks up some of those costs in increased health insurance premiums? WE ALL DO. A selfish justification why a person can overeat is selfish to themselves, takes away from their family dynamic in reduced activity levels and premature death and is just wrong. Stop justifying!

self-control is a myth

Self-Control Is a Myth,
But There are Hacks

You may never totally gain your self-control and willpower. But you can hack the system in a few easy ways. Take these steps to heart.

  1. Go directly to your pantry and refrigerator with a few empty boxes. Remove all packaged and refined foods. That includes cereals, bread, rice, cookies, ice cream, waffles, juice, sodas, anything with an artificial sweetener it in, etc. Donate these items to the nearest food bank or shelter. With these things out of your house, self-control has been disrupted. You can’t eat what’s not there.
  2. Develop a shopping list that replaces the foods you donated. Whole foods like vegetables and some fruits. Lots of meats. Seeds and nuts are OK for now.
  3. Pick up a 6-pack of Willpower every time you’re at the store. It’s free. Here’s how you get it – you only avoid purchasing those foods that tempt you, weaken your willpower and void any self-control you ever had.

Here’s Why People Fail
On Their Health Journey

The answer is easy – because self-control is a myth.

Don’t delude yourself another day. Don’t wave that box of donuts in front of your face. Just avoid it altogether. Note I didn’t say avoid it for 30 days. Avoid it altogether.

If you’re serious about your health, serious about your waistline and serious about the health of your children, start today. Replace those processed foods with Paleo or Primal recipes available all over the internet.

Take the necessary steps today. Repeat it with me one more time and then take action.

Self-control is a myth. Accept it. Believe it. Don’t feed it.

Weight loss isn’t so hard once you get started. You just have to take that first step. Then the next.

We offer a free introductory course to help you regain your health. See the box below to get started.
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How to Take Charge of Your Weight Loss

A frequent question I get is “Why is Weight Loss So Hard?”

My answer: it’s not.

Do you remember when you first learned to drive?

As a teenager, it was stressful timing the clutch with the gas, much less using turn signals! But the longer I practiced driving, the better I got.

Weight loss is like driving a car.

For many who seek better health, it feels formidable. Impossible.

But it’s not.

take charge of your weight loss

Here are three basic tenets/mythbusters about weight loss and improved health:

  1. Improving your health does not mean 10 hours on the treadmill every day. Health and weight loss come about through an improved diet. Experts agree that your health is based 80% on what you eat and 20% on how you exercise.
  2. Weight loss is not about quick results. People who want results the next day do more damage than good to their bodies, not to mention how much muscle they lose in the process. Take small, gradual steps for best results.
  3. Practice makes perfect. In every facet of life, we live and learn. We make mistakes, too.  They key when you slip up and skip a workout or eat something you shouldn’t is to make that mistake fast, learn from it, forgive yourself and move on.
  4. There are few perfect health approaches. Do your research stick to one and see it through. To switch plans and jump ship might land you in hot water.

Weight loss isn’t so hard once you get started. Forget about any limiting beliefs or past failed attempts. You just have to take that first step. Then the next.

We offer a free introductory course to help you regain your health. See the box below to get started.
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