Risk Quote Nothing

The Best Way to Achieve Goals Involves This Unique Risk

The power in taking a risk is the difference between “I can’t” and “I think I can.” Images of Tom Cruise and Mission Impossible are flooding my brain right now. In thriller movies, we marvel at chances taken by the hero, pretty sure at the onset they aren’t going to fail. But popcorn bite after popcorn bite, we enjoy watching the challenge.

The hero takes the risk and wins, right? Of course, they do – that’s what sells tickets! If that were a real-life situation of risk-taking, like our brave military does each day, they take those risks because there is so much on the line. They have the strength of will to carry out a military decision or plan. They are determined. As it turns out, that is the definition of willpower.

We’ve talked about willpower before, but today we’re going to step things up a notch. By the end of this article, you will have a powerful tool for times where your willpower may not be enough. It involves everything discussed above and when done correctly, will help you achieve amazing accomplishments. The concept is called Reverse Risk Leveraging.

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Reverse Risk Leveraging

Right around 2000, I was at my heaviest I’d ever been.  After contemplating various programs, I found a site called Leanness Lifestyle founded by Coach David Greenwalt. Coach was a former power lifter if I recall, a cop as well, and his can-do attitude was infectious. He called things like that were, and had great tools to get you where you wanted to go. Hat-tip to Coach if he’s reading this. I pray my description of your method does you justice.

After dropping a majority of the weight using his techniques, I adopted an additional tool to get me to my end goal, which if I recall was 8% body fat. To get below 10% is tough, to jump below that takes great discipline, planning, measured food choices, and exercise. To push me, Coach Greenwalt introduced me to  Reverse Risk Leveraging.

For members like me, Coach became my accountability partner. We agreed on the plan, set up a check-in system for ongoing accountability and then discovered my leverage point. While most people set up a reward for achieving a goal, this tools works a little different than that. It involves risk.

I had the option of naming a risk. Mine was $1,000 – enough to hurt my pocket book if I lost the amount and sufficient to gain my attention. I wrote a check to Coach for $1,000, and he held it. If I hit my goal after twelve weeks, I’d get the money back. If I didn’t hit my goal of 8% bodyfat, we agreed that Coach would donate the check to a charity of my choice in my name.

The risk leverage you choose can be in the form of whatever puts pressure on you – your entire Blu-Ray collection, your golf clubs or even a family heirloom. The risk has to be intense enough that losing it puts the hurt on you.

Would you take that kind of risk? Are you committed enough to your goals that you are willing to put something on the line for them?

[bctt tweet=”Are you committed enough to your goals that you are willing to put something on the line for them?”]Before I tell you the outcome of the risk I took, it’s important to note a few reasons why Coach was my accountability partner in this situation.

Imagine telling your spouse to hold you accountable for a weight loss goal or a promotion at work or you name it. If you are having problems keeping this objective on track, pretend they remind you, nudge you or provide tough love – do you see how that can become a recipe for disaster? Your spouse could eventually cave in and let you slide by – or you’re knocking on a divorce lawyer’s door because the accountability built into a wall between the two of you.

Find a friend to hold you accountable, you have to give them permission ahead of time and acknowledge the responsibility you have toward them and what they have towards you. The outcome should be on your shoulders; they are just there to push you along. Find a strong-willed friend if you want this technique to work in your situation.

Risk Quote Nothing

The Outcome of My Reverse Risk Leveraging Plan

Throughout that period of risk, it wasn’t easy, but Coach reminded me that we had a plan, and as long as I stuck to that, we’d get there. As you might imagine, I had a lot of intrinsic motivation. I didn’t want to get diabetes like many of my family members, and I wanted to push off any chances of heart disease, which is how my grandfather died.

After twelve weeks time, I had my bodyfat tested and I’m proud to say I hit the goal. Coach sent my money back to me, and the mission accomplished, all without the need of Tom Cruise.

If your willpower needs a nudge, if you’re looking for a challenge and you’re not afraid to take a little risk, I’d recommend you give Reverse Risk Leveraging a try. I will say it is not for everyone, but for those that are reading this article, I’ll wager a few of you will embrace this powerful technique to achieve your greatest goals.

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Starting Over Challenge of the Day

Here’s that challenge of the day: decide where your willpower lies. If it is situated within you that it can grow and sustain you to achieve, then exercise its power on your tasks. For those whose willpower is lacking, read my article How 3 Simple Tips Can Vastly Improve Your Willpower. If that is still not enough, consider Reverse Risk Leveraging.

I’ll even go one step further. If Reverse Risk Leveraging is up for serious consideration, email me and I’ll help you set up a plan that works best for you. All you need to do is ask. And if Reverse Risk Leveraging is too extreme, I’d challenge you to find another plan that will help shore up your willpower and allow this year to be your best.

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