Diet Trends For 2016: What You Should Know

Diet trends have been around well before you or I were born.

If there is one thing consistent about diets, it’s that they never go away. Well, except for February and December, that is.

Diet trends for 2016 - all quiet in February

Before we dig in – quick question: Did you ever do something stupid when you were a kid? Yeah, me too. And what did your Mom always say – “If Billy jumped off a bridge, I guess you’d do it too, wouldn’t you?” I’d shake my head, but inside I knew she was halfway right.

It’s human nature to join the crowd. And that’s precisely what this Google trends chart suggests about diet trends:

Diet trends 2016

I highlighted the area in 2013 just to give you a frame of reference, but this indicates what the world is Googling over time. If you notice any eerie diet trends like I do, then in today’s article I’m going to walk you step by step what the diet trends for 2016 SHOULD look like and how those actions will turn your year around, even though it’s half over. Or you can take a leap of faith and start our free course right here.

Let’s get started.

These Are My Diet Trends Observations

If you start as far back as this chart shows and slowly scan to the right, you see a clear pattern. As a society, we don’t search (also known as “show interest”) for diets until the first of the year. This should come as no real surprise. That’s the time of resolutions and other false hopes.

What else do you see?

After the big peak in January, interest goes down in February (indirect proof that New Year’s resolutions don’t work!) But then it goes down…and down…and down. Then rises back up at the start of each new year.

Every January, the relative search number is in the low 60’s and by December, interest has fallen off by 33% to the low of 40.

These are simply search trends, but if we make a few loose comparisons, searching for a term demonstrates interest. It shows intention, focus, or our alertness to the topic.

This guy lacked alertness! He got caught sleeping on the job – by the billionaire boss!

Diet Trends 2016 - Don't Fall Asleep On Your Health

Maybe Not Diet Trends, But Weight Loss?

I hate the word diet, as well as diet trends. But it’s a term that most people are familiar with. I hate “diet” because it’s too much like “budget.” Everyone hates to have a budget, but let’s be honest – they both are a talent we should entertain if we hope to change our ways.

Next, I created a trends chart for weight loss. The results were a little surprising:

Diet Trends 2016 - falling interest

In relative terms, weight loss showed some deviation – at least in the recent past. In 2010 and again in 2012, we see heightened interest in weight loss during January and in May. May is just before bikini season, so that makes sense. But since 2013, there is less and less interest within the year for weight loss. But then look below.
Diet trends 2016 - weight loss

Even with less interest during the year for weight loss, the overall trend is growing each year. Which leads me to a few conclusions:

  1. Weight loss used to have more relevance through at least the first half of the year but now is matching diet in relative terms.
  2. Weight loss is going up annually which demonstrates it is a growing problem. 
  3. By the very nature of our internet searches, society is admitting they need to lose weight – they are just going about it the wrong way.

Don’t Wait to Jump off the Diet Trends Bridge Like Everyone Else

Now it’s time for some editorial comment and a picture to put it all into perspective.

As I stated above, the relative Google diet trends reflect how we think and act as a society. We seek diets and weight loss. But our inactions are making us go in the wrong direction.

Pretend I’m your Mom today for this article – then defy her just like you wanted as a child: Jump off that bridge!

Don’t wait to take good actions until January and join the diet fanatics, only to give up in February and not show back up again for 11 months. Jump this month, this week or today! Your health is too important.

Diet trends 2016 - Jumping off the bridge

There are too many myths about leading a healthier lifestyle – so much the case that you might think that you’re plunging off a cliff. It’s just not the case! The sooner you take one small step, the more at ease you’ll feel with the next steps.

There are some signs that we’re going in the right direction as a society, but they need to accelerate faster before more lives are lost. It’s time for preventive measures!

Each thought you have influences your attitude about health. Those attitudes influence your habits. Your habits then result in your behaviors. The sooner you think positively about your health, and your ability to change your future with one step, you change your attitudes, your habits and your behaviors. But it all starts with one step.

Or a leap of faith.


Assuming you’re ready to be “this guy” in the picture above and not one of those losers still in the fish bowl, we have a tool just for you. It’s a free course we created – the Health Restart Process. More than 850 have taken the course, and it’s a great way to take that first step. No obligation, no cost – start today.

Buck the system, buck the trends and do what’s best for you, your health and your future.

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This Is Not What Health Should Be About

What health should be about was one of many topics I wanted to discuss when I started this blog. I knew I wished to shout from the rooftops that people deserve a chance to start over. And I was the guy to help them. With their health, their careers and their relationships

Have you ever had to start over?

I started over myself after learning through a survey that my audience preferred health-related topics. That helped me tweak my content and my role.

You’ve likely heard of motivational speakers, but I’m a different sort from that.

I’m your Motivational Tweaker. And if I do my job right, this revised manifesto of mine will explain what health should be about.

What Health Should Be About

What Does Your Tombstone Say?

It may sound morbid but picture your grave site.

How old will you be? What will you die of? What steps did you take to prolong the life you were intended to lead and were you able to find the resources you needed?

I’m recognizing that this world has two types of individuals: hopers and doers.

The hopers look at life as though in search of the McRib. You know it’s not always available at your local McDonald’s, but you hope it is. And when it’s not listed, you shrug your shoulders resigned, and you just order the next choice. No big deal.

The doers take a more active approach. They see the sun setting on the horizon, and they do everything they can to exert reasonable effort, focusing on the time at hand. Doers don’t take life, nor a moment for granted.

Are you a hoper or a doer?

If I could give you the right tools, would that change your mind and guide you toward becoming a doer for your health?

If so, let’s keep going. We’ll get back to that tombstone.

What If Everything We Knew About Our Health Was Wrong?

The world moves pretty fast these days. Our smartphones and computers keep us plugged in. If we read information that is contrary to our way of thinking, a quick search on Google will dispute that theory and we’re off the hook.

It’s called confirmation bias. We want to think what we believe.

If we don’t change, we get to stay in our comfort zone, snuggled up in the blanket of complacency. It’s time to focus less on just the physical form and get into what health should be about.

How many complacent people do you know who are highly successful? Isn’t it true the most successful challenge status quo?

And while we’re considering the alternative, what if your beliefs on health and living a real life were purely based on long-held beliefs?

Diets promote sexy bodies in 30 days. They’ve never seen you, but they make promises that aren’t delivered on time and they fail. Often, we believe them.

They tell us what we want to hear or believe.

That’s not what health should be about.

Are You Ready to Tweak With Me?

Read that carefully – I said tweaking, not twerking.

I believe in a world where everyone deserves appropriate information for a healthy life. Information that meets you where you are in life. No cookie cutter models.

You can climb mountains, but not the kind in the picture above unless you’re a major Doer! You will scale your personal mountains, one step at a time.

We’re talking the kind of information that puts less emphasis on short-term and focuses on long-term benefits, allowing you to tweak as you go. It’s what health should be about.

We’re talking about a life-long commitment to your health. To your livelihood. Reinvestment, if you will, that will have a major return on investment.

Remember that tombstone we talked about earlier?

How does it look now? If it hints that you’re anywhere close to being a doer instead of a hoper, then welcome aboard!

How to Get Started

Starting over isn’t a sign of failure; it’s recognition that it’s time to tweak.

To make small steps toward a big change that will come. If you’re willing to do versus hope and if you want a taste of some of the first steps, we’ve compiled a Checklist Challenge that provides 10 actionable steps you can take and a free email course to get you started.

We hope you’ll join us. All we ask is that you “do.”

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