100 Ways How to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight

How to stay motivated to lose weight starts with a story. (No Goldilocks I promise, except for that adorable little girl below.)

Over ten years ago I was on a mission to lose weight and improve my health. My coach created a strategy I’d never come across. It was scary. I mean really scary. It put me WAY out of my comfort zone. But I did it.

Curious what this strategy is?

Today I’m going to show you step by step how to stay motivated to lose weight using the same approach he used with me. As you’ll find out – sometimes risk is worth it.

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Step 1- How To Stay Motivated to Lose Weight

The first step you need to take is going to sound a bit odd at first. But bear with me.

Look at your checking and savings account. Now pretend you are going to have a life or death event in your life, and it’s paramount that you come up with a sum of money that dips into what you have left at the end of the month – and even takes away a bit more than that.

For some people this may be $25, $50, $100 or $1000 plus. Write that number down. 

how to stay motivated to lose weight means knowing where youre money went

Step 2 – Share a 30 Day Challenge With a Close Friend, Workout Partner or Spouse

Accountability is a dead-solid strategy how to stay motivated to lose weight. It’s the end all – be all.

Decide on whatever measurement you and your partner will achieve by the end of 30 days. Make it attainable but tough. Even better, don’t make it weight-based.

As an example, find out how many burpees you can do in a set amount of time, let’s say 7 minutes. Your goal then would be to increase that number in the next 30 days. First off, commit to eating clean for 30 days. Commit to getting to sleep one hour earlier than normal. Or do all three. The compound effects of exercise, nutrition and sleep will have an impact on your health and weight.

Put your plan together with a workout partner, decide what you’ll do together and then give each other a solid high-five (not like the one below). Partners are much more fun, keep you motivated and it’s always awesome losing weight together.

how to stay motivated to lose weight accountability partner

Step 3 – Accountability Meets Reality

If you’re ready at this point how you can stay motivated to lose weight, you’ve laid the groundwork. Now it’s time to act.

Remember that amount you landed on in Step 1? It’s time to put it on the table. Here’s how you do it:

  • Write a check for the amount you came up with in Step 1 and issue it to a charity of your choice.
  • For harsher impact, write it to a charity or cause you can’t stand!
  • Physically write it out, date it one month in advance and hand it to a close friend.
  • Give that friend permission that if you don’t hit your goal, they will mail it away.
  • Benjamin Franklin always gives me 100 ways how to stay motivated to lose weight anytime I use him in a challenge. He’ll do the same for you, trust me!


Step 4 – Put Your Plan into Action: How You Really Can Stay Motivated to Lose Weight

Let’s use the above example of burpees. Burpees are tough. They are a full body exercise that requires no equipment. On Day 1, find out how many you can do in 5-10 minutes. Here’s what that might look like:

  • Day 1 – You do as many burpees as you can in 7 minutes (or whatever exercise or time limit you create). Having never done this particular workout, let’s say you start off strong but the reps add up on the body, and you finish with 50.
  • Next, determine a target – at least 10% increase. In this case, that’s 55 reps.
  • If that target is too steep or too small, adjust as needed. The goal is to how to stay motivated to lose weight with a number you can WORK towards. As weeks two and three come up, you can adjust as needed, going higher or lower.how to stay motivated to lose weight - burpees
  • Strategize with your workout partner how you both can make this work. Increase your speed, target so many reps per minute, etc.
  • Eat clean. Eat what you know your body needs to regain its vitality. You have two goals now to determine how you will stay motivated to lose weight: that check you wrote as well as the reps you’ve targeted.
  • At the end of each week, re-test your efforts and compare them against your Day 1 results and your target.
  • The closer the time frame approaches, the more focused you will become, provided the dollar amount on your check was enough to get your attention.


A 30-day challenge is a perfect way to sprint your progress ahead. While it may not be the ultimate destination for you, that’s OK – it will take you further than you were 30 days earlier. Let’s review:

Step 1 – Arrive at a dollar figure that you are going to bet on yourself to win your challenge. The number you arrive at is the ultimate solution for how to stay motivated to lose weight, wouldn’t you agree?

Step 2 – Share that challenge with a friend to up the odds of winning.

Step 3 – Write that check in the amount from Step 1 and have it arranged to be sent to a charity.

Step 4 – Put that plan in motion!

This is a great solution how you can stay motivated, lose weight, regain your health and have fun. But if you’re looking for additional resources that go deeper into weight loss assistance how to, use our FREE course as a booster to get you started. No cost, no obligation. See below.

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How to Gain the Edge Over Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are a modern day barrier.

How many times do you let limiting beliefs control your life?

See what I did there? I didn’t ask if you had limiting beliefs. I assumed you did. And for good reason.

Eavesdrop on a conversation the next time you are at Starbuck’s or record your next phone call.  You’ll hear these statements:

  • “I can’t…”
  • “I don’t…”
  • “I’ll never be able to…”
  • “Yeah, I tried that once before…”

We all have said these phrases, but if you say them more than you like, it’s ok.

Help has arrived.

Stop limiting beliefs through quality of thought

Why We Are Talking About Limiting Beliefs

This is a health and fitness blog but at the core of why so many fail to change is those pesky limiting beliefs. Losing weight or regaining health isn’t only eating good food and exercise. Our minds need to be re-trained as well.

As I consult with individuals, I’m amazed at the use of limiting beliefs (also known as “excuses”) and how people use them to delude their thinking.

Many seek me out, ask me questions about how to lose weight, etc. – and then digress to why doing anything won’t help because… it never worked before.

Imagine a life where you never took a second chance.

You’d never get out of bed.

stop limiting beliefs with our free mini course

Your Limiting Beliefs Are By-Products of Your Environment

Let’s focus on a few areas that are behind limiting beliefs. You’ll recognize more than a few.

Experience, or as I call it, cause and effect, is a large barrier toward activating your potential. If you go outside on the hottest day of the year and get sunburned, does that stop you from ever wanting to go outside again? If one bad thing happened to you just one time causing you to make ultimatums around that one event, recognize that this is dysfunctional thinking.

You’re not dysfunctional – just your thoughts. Big difference.

Education is another limiting belief. Assume you had a teacher or friend who once told you something. Was every word they uttered at all times correct? These unintended but false statements will stop you in your tracks. Assuming you believe everything you hear, you’ll stop exploring the possibilities rather than researching further.

Faulty logic is another source of limiting beliefs. Or perhaps no logic at all. We project false probabilities of success (based on education, experience, etc.) which solidifies our faith something can’t be done.

Fear is another culprit behind limiting beliefs. Fear strikes most when it comes to doing things we’ve never done before or that we have failed at in the past. Fear is normal, but if it limits your actions, then it becomes a real problem.

Assume success to overcome limiting beliefs. Imagine the possibilities!

What Limiting Beliefs Look Like In the Real World

Let’s put the limiters in a real world setting. Pretend a friend asked you to run a 5K race with them.

  • Experience – “Uh, I tried once before and the week before the race, I hurt my leg. I better not.”
  • Education – “My brother told me that running is bad for your knees.”
  • Faulty logic – “Running shoes are expensive. I don’t think I can afford to run.”
  • Fear – “Me running? Seriously? Everyone will laugh at me when they see me jogging own the street. Forget it!”

Three Strategies to Stop Limiting Beliefs

There are various strategies to stop your limiting beliefs, but here are three recommended steps you can take to limit or eliminate your limiting beliefs.

  1. Track your limiting beliefs for a few days to demonstrate what you’re up against. You can’t manage what you don’t measure, so keep a notepad and add a check mark each time you limit yourself in speech or thought.
  2. Look at consistent statements that pop up and say the opposite. Instead of saying, “All those diets I’ve done before didn’t do me any good,” say this: “I’ve learned what doesn’t work, so it’s time to learn what does work!”
  3. Play with your internal dialogue. Self-talk is an important aspect of what we say and do. Listen to positive affirmations and repeat affirmative action statements. We are our product of our thoughts, so you need to re-program those thoughts. “I can do this. I will figure it out. Just take the first step.”
  4. While this may sound a bit woo-woo, in psychological terms, recognize when your thoughts become dysfunctional or irrational. At Psychology.Tools, they have a resource you can print out which allows you to look at each situation, write out the emotion you experienced, your first thought that entered your mind, the alternative or rational response – and the outcome. Mindfully tracking daily situations will be a powerful ally to manage what is standing in your way and how you can run it over.


Recognize as you read this how old you are and how long these beliefs have been holding you hostage. The longer these thoughts have plagued you, the more unwilling they’ll be to go away. The tactics listed above aren’t all overnight solutions but given time they will provide you a path to less limiting beliefs and realization of your potential.

Action Steps

In the next day or two, be mindful and think about everything before you say it. Stop any negative thoughts you might have. Flick them away with your mental finger. Replace the thought or words with a positively worded statement. Rinse and repeat.

Now that you’re ready for the next steps to regaining your health, we offer a free mini-course. The course provides foundational tips and advice to help you avoid detractors on your path to a better life. Over 600 students (and counting) have taken the course. Don’t limit yourself. Get started today!

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Four Secrets of Weight Loss Motivation You Should Know

Weight loss motivation is the Holy Grail, is it not?

Come on admit it. Finding motivation is hard.

In past articles, I’ve provided different perspectives to reach your goals including “Reverse Risk Leveraging.” But for some that might be a bit extreme. Let’s look at other weight loss motivation secrets as you continue on your health journey.

Many of the examples I’ll provide below are in the external motivation camp. Knowing your Why is one of the most powerful weight loss motivation tips I can offer you. Assuming you have your Why, these secrets will keep you hopping down the bunny trail to rejuvenation.

Oh, by the way – if you promise to read this article to the bottom – I have a surprise waiting at the end.

Hint: It’s our latest giveaway.

Weight loss motivation from my Instagram account

Who’s The Real Enemy of Your Health?

The first secret to weight loss motivation is YOU.

There is more potential within you than you can possibly grasp. I’ll prove it.

When I’m not writing blog posts or doing podcasts on health and nutrition, I actively post pictures, quotes, and motivational sayings on Instagram. There are two accounts that I post content to and would you like to know who is mentioned more often than not?

You are.

Quickly scroll through the pictures I’ve posted throughout this article.

The first reason I posted these is to provide you additional weight loss motivation. I love these quotes as they remind me to “keep moving forward,” which is my favorite saying.

The second reason I posted these pictures is because of you.

And me.

There’s one word, one thread that ties them all together.


Weight loss motivation from my Instagram account

Every quote you’ll see includes the word “You.” Is that significant?

It’s probably the biggest secret within this article.

Why do so many people fail in their weight loss struggles? Why is obesity at an all-time high, along with diabetes?

Y can blame the government and the food industry for providing mislabeled foods and marketing them as healthy. You could also blame any number of reasons why your health isn’t where you’d like it. But that’s not the real reason.

The reality is under all of those excuses you’ve accumulated. It’s covered in the blankets of deception you wallow in.

The reason why you fail at your weight loss struggles is you.

That’s a hard pill to swallow. But it’s true because I got in my own way at one time.

When I gained my weight, avoided exercise and ate poorly, I knew exactly what I was doing. When I ordered fast food, sat on the couch, avoided exercise and stayed up late putting my body in jeopardy, I was well aware of the risks.

Then one day I woke up. My grandfather died of diabetes, which ran in my family. It hurt miserably. And from that day on, I’ve been devoted to avoiding that diagnosis on my medical record. Knock on wood; I’ve been successful for the past 16 years since his death.

It wasn’t the responsibility of anyone else to make that choice. It was up to me.

Your story may  different. But the first weight loss motivation is the simple recognition that it’s your health. It’s your life. Your future depends on your actions.

It’s up to you.

Weight loss motivation from my Instagram account


Why Are You Looking Backward?

My second bit of weight loss motivation is focused on the topic of your past.

A famous quote says, “Why are you looking backward? You aren’t going that way.”

How many times do you look in your past and blame what you find as the reason why you fail? Isn’t it true the real reason you hold yourself back is because you don’t know what’s around that corner? You’re afraid.

When people are lucky enough to build their dream home, they have a vision of its contents and layout. It will have four or more bedrooms, three or more bathrooms, a three-car garage, a large yard, etc.

The fun part about building your life, like a house, is imagining the possibilities.

[bctt tweet=”The fun part about building your life is imagining the possibilities.” username=”jpickett1968″]

If building your dream home allows you to use your imagination, shouldn’t you do the same for your health?

Allowing your mind live in a trap that no longer exists does… nothing.

And doing nothing is what puts people in a bad health situation.

Let go of what circumstances have led you to whatever you point you are at today and start building your “house of health.” What will you look like? What will you feel like? What will your house of health allow you to do going forward? What aches and pains will go away as you increase your health?

Your house of health is a solid weight loss motivation tactic that you can call on at any time to regain your focus. Your dream house of health. Only don’t just dream about it.

Make it a reality.

Weight loss motivation from my Instagram account

Which Do You Prefer – Sore or Sorry?

The third weight loss motivation is a close cousin to looking forward and yet keeps you from taking real action and making progress.

The title of this article is about weight loss motivation. That was stated (in error) on purpose.

If the headline was about improved health motivation or fitness motivation, most people would avoid it.

Don’t allow society to define your terminology when it comes to health. Our culture is full of celebrities, athletes and famous personalities who look good.

Perfect teeth, lovely hairstyles and amazing bodies.

While they may look good on the outside, their insides are a mess. Many are addicted to drugs or in rehab for one thing or the other. They’re stressed, suicidal and in many ways, no better than you or I.

Good health isn’t just what we see. What’s on the inside counts as well. That means our internal processes also define our health.

Here’s some weight loss motivation that is vital for understanding: Better sore today than sorry tomorrow.

Weight loss motivation from my Instagram account

We’ve talked about this before, and we’ll talk about it again. Making changes in your life isn’t solely based on what you do in the next 30/60/90 days and just how you look. It’s about what you do long-term and the impact it has on your longevity.

The choices you make today will determine the rest of your life.

People view diets and meal plans as “restrictive.”

Answer this – what is more restrictive? Eating better food choices now so you can play with your kids well into your 80’s or eating banana splits three times a week and living out the last 30 years of your life in a Hoveround?

Not being able to walk is restrictive. Not being able to climb stairs, that’s restrictive. Not being able to fit in a movie theater chair – that’s restrictive. Not being able to go anywhere without 10 or more medications to keep you alive – that’s restrictive too.

If you want a less restrictive life, look long-term into that house of health. Invest in a long-term approach. Make sacrifices today or trust me – you’ll make plenty down the road.

And you’ll be plenty sorry if you don’t.

Some may call that negative weight loss motivation, but not everything can be “sugar-coated” any longer.

Weight loss motivation from my Instagram account

How Charged Up Are You For Your Future?

The final weight loss motivational tool you should know about is practical goal setting.

Goals like a particular blood pressure reading or hitting a specific body fat percentage are examples of outcome-based goals. But when you arrive at your body fat or weight loss goal – then what?

This is the singular and most-seen landmine where people drift from a healthier lifestyle. After the outcome goal/metric is hit, many don’t apply what has been learned.

Mission accomplished. Now, what?

This is when back-sliding occurs and the weight comes back on. Intention and focus toward health are abandoned.

A healthier you earns the right to a life you never discovered before. It’s time to explore exactly what you’re capable of so you can accomplish even more.

Practical goal setting includes scheduling yourself to participate in competitions, purchasing articles of clothing that celebrate your new life or to buy something that will compliment your upcoming lifestyle. Maybe it’s acquiring a new skill or joining a CrossFit box.

I’m going to make it easy for everyone reading this article – I have a practical goal reward already lined up for you!

A few months back I came across a Kickstarter campaign that featured the RoamProof SOS20K. It’s a solar-powered battery/charger that allows you to charge up to 4 mobile devices at the same time. It also features a 3-in-1 LED light, perfect for the outdoors. It’s waterproof, shockproof, dust-proof and nearly indestructible.


I bought then of them for friends and family – then I interviewed the CEO/Founder, Sean O’Rourke. My unboxing video of the SOS20K gives you further ammunition to show how awesome this product is.

OK, Jeff, cool gadget – but what does that have to do with my health and weight loss motivation?

The SOS20K provides great weight loss motivation


Once you’ve increased your health, that ability to move and thirst for adventure will have you more apt to be on-the-go. You won’t be tethered to the couch any longer. The SOS20K allows that freedom. With a solar-powered charger, you can hike, camp or go just about anywhere without the fear of your mobile devices going dead. It can be used to charge up anything with a USB connection, like a Go Pro.

For the next ten days, and ending on April 30, the RoamProof SOS20K can be yours. Click on this link to enter my giveaway which includes the SOS20K, a 10-Lesson mini-course on regaining your health and my latest ebook, Insta Motivation.

Here’s how it works:

  • Enter the drawing and confirm your entry.
  • After entering the drawing, you’ll be sent a super-link.
  • This super-link allows you to send it on to your friends and social network so they can enter.
  • “Hey, why would I send this link to others to enter? That decreases my chances of winning!” Actually it increases your chances!
  • For every person who enters using your link you provide them, you get 3 bonus entries assigned to your name.
  • For example, Susan enters and sends her link out. Two of her friends enter. Susan gets 1 entry +3 entries+3 entries for a total of 7 entries assigned to her name. She now has a 7X chance of winning.

Whether you become the big Giveaway Winner or not, use your practical goal reward as weight loss motivation. Win the SOS20K or purchase one for yourself (value of $139). Find a different reward if this doesn’t suit your lifestyle. The important piece is to identify a practical goal that celebrates the direction you are heading.

For the final part of the goal setting, give the reward to a friend for safe keeping, with the instructions that you only get to use the reward ONCE you’ve reached your initial goal.

The reward becomes an investment in your new life. But you have to earn it.

Pretty slick, huh?

Weight loss motivation from my Instagram account

Your Weight Loss Motivation Resides Within You

The title of this article teased about weight loss motivation secrets you should know. After reading through, have I delivered on my promise?

If not, tell me why not in the comment section below. And if I did achieve that goal, still tell me in the comment section below.

Here are the takeaways if you apply these secrets and achieve a life full of regained health and rejuvenation:

  1. YOU are the key.
  2. Focus on what’s in front of you and forget past failures.
  3. Look long-term and invest in your body, starting today.
  4. Decide on a practical goal that will enable you to use your new-found health.
  5. Enter our giveaway!
  6. Please share this article and giveaway with a friend. You know at least three friends who could use this encouragement, don’t you? Help their efforts and share with them.
  7. The 10-lesson email course can still be yours at no charge whether you win the giveaway or not. Click here to sign up.
  8. Use these images on your desktop or phone – better yet, follow me on Instagram for health-related motivation!

Keep Moving Forward!

How to Regain Your Sanity When Burnout Really Strikes You

burnout quoteBurnout is an invisible force that takes our greatest passions and twists them around, leaving us de-motivated, anxious and full of doubt.

Ever felt that way?

Today, I’m speaking from experience about burnout. It’s etched in my head for one good reason – it struck me yesterday, leaving me with the feeling everything was spiraling out of control around me.

I’m calling myself out for your benefit, my beloved reader.

Sometimes you have to eat your own dog food, as the saying goes, so my hope with this article is to help if you are currently in a state of burnout or to avoid burnout from ever striking again.

Time to chow down.

Recognize The Early Stages of Burnout

As you schedule your day, early stages of burnout can peek their head out in the form of multiple tasks left for the next day or the intangible tasks you neglected to stick into your schedule but need to get done. It’s easy to reason with yourself that an extra task is doable. But before you know it, more tasks slide in, taking the place of what you already scheduled yourself to do. Your priorities start to shift, setting you up for disaster.

Another early sign of burnout is when you stay up late or wake up extra early on a repeated basis to stay caught up. That 10:00 bedtime somehow moved to 11:00 or later, impacting your sleep and your focus.

Your food choices suffer during early burnout as well. You try to get more done in one day than is possible, so you skip meals. You snack, and your decision fatigue kicks in. Before you know it, the food you once swore as your arch enemy is now tempting you, or it is winning the battle.

burnout work-life-balance

When Burnout Hits

When burnout hits, it can be devastating. The length of burnout varies from person to person. Luckily for me, my burnout was recognized early on. (Only because it’s happened before plus I know my body pretty well.)

It will show up in the form of self-doubt that builds and destroys your confidence. Your work-life balance will be totally askew in the wrong direction. You feel like everyone is pointing at you as you fight to gain control but can’t. Your motivation decreases.

It’s as though this carefully sketched out plan of attack slipped out the window and now you are lost with no hope of regaining the excitement and passion that fueled you.

Take heart, there is hope.

How To Defeat Burnout

I won’t bore you with the many candles that are burning at both ends in my life. But I do recognize that my case of burnout, short-lived though it may be, is one person’s fault – mine. Instead of belaboring the issue, I forgave myself and began my plan. I recommend the following course of action when burnout occur:

  1. Step back from the keyboard or the work task that is causing you burnout. As we’ve discussed, meditation is a brilliant way of gaining perspective, but in the event you can’t do that, breathe deeply. A lot. The break will provide perspective and help you regroup yourself.
  2. Reach out to a support system or two. Burnout was as apparent to me yesterday as burning toast. The first thing I did was call my wife. She assured me it would be OK, she reminded me how hard I’d been working and gave me some advice. I posted a single Facebook message to my Tribe Writers group, part of a Jeff Goins course I’m taking, and they responded in droves. I read comments and advice coming from all directions. I’m so thankful for that support team I have in the Tribe Writers. Hat tip to each and every one of you.
  3. With advice, encouragement and some perspective, I started a Mind Dump. For those not familiar with this term, it comes from David Allen’s Getting Things Done. It’s the practice of writing down everything that is on your plate – and I do mean everything. You want to include tasks, projects; work-related or personal. Get it all on paper, even those hidden tasks you’ve been sneaking in. Put it all on the proverbial table.
  4. With everything written out, it’s time to prioritize your to do’s. You’ll find like I did, that you started adding extra items to your grocery cart that you aren’t sure how they got there. So now is the time to either put them back on the shelf or ask yourself if they are worth keeping.
  5. With your priorities mapped out, schedule when you are going to get these things done. David Allen calls this stage “Delete, Defer or Schedule.” [bctt tweet=”Delete the unnecessary, schedule what is important and defer the less important.”]Delete the unnecessary, schedule what is important and defer the less important to a different time frame. In a recent post, we talked about the importance of planning your time. There are only so many hours in the day. When you sketch out your priorities, you’re going to find out just how much time you have. If there are more tasks than you have time to do, re-rack your priorities. If there is still too much to do and you lack the resources, ask for help. That could be a co-worker, friend or supervisor to assist getting done what’s paramount. Ultimately you may have to defer a few things, but that’s OK. Push off what is not as important today. You’ll regain your time back, your sanity and your control of the situation.

There are those rare times, like mine, where your burnout is caused by an individual project or commitment. The challenge for me is writing one article per day for all of January. My over-achiever mentality underestimated the resources required to get this done. You have two choices in this case. Quit or buckle down. I decided to buckle down and after I read the advice of my group, did my Mind Dump and realized the error of my ways, I can honestly say I’m smiling once again this morning.

My burnout period is fading. I feel more in control. I’m disappointed I can’t get as much done as I had hoped, but my main goal of posting articles is intact. The other stuff can wait.

My sanity is too important.

Jeffrey Pickett Starting Over

Starting Over Challenge of the Day

My challenge to each of you today is to do a Mind Dump. Write down every to-do you can think of – every project, every task, every commitment, every event and every item that takes your time. Getting it on paper is powerful and takes that burden off your shoulders. Prioritize that list, delete, schedule and defer. Then give yourself a break. Life’s too short not to stop and enjoy it.

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What Epic Movie Trailer Will Your Life Look Like?

Who doesn’t love a great movie trailer?

Ever since I was a child, my favorite part of going to the movie theater wasn’t the movie itself. It was the movie trailer. I ate up the emotional story they were selling me, a quick time capsule of action, loud music, and excitement.

After I had got older, I realized the subconscious impact a movie trailer had on me. I searched what was at the core of it that hooked me. Know what it was?

Coming Soon.

movie trailer

In that small phrase, Coming Soon, two things happened. The trailer gave me a glimpse into the future, which to a young child was like magic. I felt like the only person in the world that had the chance to see what the next big movie was going to be, who was going to be in it and what was going to happen. Also, there was the anticipation.

Just like Christmas, a movie trailer gave me something to anticipate. It was an experience I couldn’t wait to enjoy.

What If Your Life Were An Epic Movie Trailer?

When you think about your life and the future you envision, what can you do to make it an epic movie trailer? Do the goals you set for yourself provide excitement, desire, and anticipation? If not, they should.

Based on a Cornell University study, the psychology of anticipation is a curious one. More happiness is derived from purchasing an experience, like a vacation, than is derived from purchasing a material possession. To take it further, anticipating an experience provides pleasure whereas anticipating a possession brings impatience.

We’re going to explore the concept of visualization in the very near future, but for now, picture yourself at the theater. You can smell the familiar buttery scent of popcorn. You can feel the seat cushion sag under your weight as the hinges creak. You make the choice whether you want that armrest up or not next to you. And you wait.

Finally, the lights dim. You see a familiar green screen, like that below, and your excitement builds.

movie trailer

The screen goes black; the music starts, and the first hot scene fades in…

What happens next? Hey, this is your movie trailer remember? So what will you see on yours?

Here’s My Movie Trailer

For me, based on my goals, I see myself at the keyboard as I am busy typing the next fiction best-seller. The scene cuts to me working out as I sweat and push past my previous personal bests. The scene cuts back to the keyboard as I read a success story of a reader that my work impacted. I feel as though I’m on a mountain high, so next scene there I am, literally on a mountain, a metaphor for making a difference in the world, as well as a real-life action sequence representing my wife and I backpacking in a remote wilderness area.

Mr. Movie Voice kicks in: “Throughout history, man has marveled at the complexities of life. The battle between being beaten down and overcoming. In a world where challenges can take from you and leave questions no one can comprehend struggling, one man defies the odds. One man fights the impossible to make a difference, helping mankind as he realizes his purpose and re-defines for all of us what life is all about.”

The high-tempo music continues as my children run across a playground chasing a kite or drone, laughing one minute and then cheering for me as I race up an obstacle and down the other side. I can see my entire family is waiting for me at the finish line, but all of a sudden I fall. There are cuts and bruises already forming as I struggle to move forward.

Mr. Movie Voice comes back for the finale: “In 2016, if you’re ready for the decisions, for the desire, for the dedication, this man is your hero. Coming soon, to a theater near you. Starting Over. Starring Jeffrey Pickett.”

The movie screen turns black and then it flickers back to life with a tight shot of me, perspiration on my brow. My mouth opens as you hear with great determination, “It’s not gonna be easy, but I just have one thing to say…..BRING IT ON.”

As we all know, the perfect movie trailer doesn’t reveal it all. It teases you. It creates desire and anticipation. It’s up to you to fill in the gaps until you get the chance to buy your next movie ticket. So what is your epic movie trailer? Would you purchase a ticket to see it?

starting over series

Starting Over Challenge of the Day

I hope you find this particular challenge fun. Make your epic movie trailer today.

Here’s the formula:  Look at your goals and ask yourself how excited you are to go after them. If they lack the excitement, re-draft them with a few tweaks. Once that is complete, put yourself in that theater seat. With your journal in front of you, write out the pictures/scenes you see in your mind. Write down as much imagery and description language as possible.

Create a movie voice dialogue incorporating your goals and challenges, then end with another scene with description showing your biggest challenge, leaving it open-ended, but ending with your mantra for 2016.

Practice your epic trailer in your mind as often as you can, especially when things get tough. For added emphasis, put a timeframe on your trailer. For example, Coming Soon October 2016, etc.

Please, please, please – share your trailer in the comment section below. If we get enough, there might be a contest with a prize for the best entry. Write down your trailer today and then make it happen!

7 Techniques You Need to Know To Create A Mantra

Mantra - create itWarning: This article about creating your mantra is going to expose some vulnerabilities of mine. I willingly share these weaknesses to help you understand you’re not alone, and we all face difficulties.  

When I went through my divorce in years gone past, there were several times I wanted to throw in the towel. Let’s face it, divorce, job layoffs, and any time of transition can suck. A lot. Needless to say, there was a great deal of soul-searching, anger, and tears. There were many resources and people who helped me through that time. Repeating my mantra, “Survive,” became a powerful ally as well.

A Mantra Has The Power To Change Outcomes

When I discovered the power of mantras many years ago, I can easily say my life changed. The power of words can have an incredible impact on you, especially positive words. There’s no better way to push back negativity than with positivity. And few words get me amped up like mantras.Mantra - greatest pleasure

By definition, a mantra is a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation. Like others, I’ve changed that definition to be more than one word. And, motivation replaces meditation.

Jeff’s definition of mantra: a short group of words, at your ready, which when repeated, aid in motivating.

My mantras propel me through challenging times, and I submit having one will help you through life as well.

If you’ve ever been to a sporting event, the time will eventually come when defeat is knocking at your team’s door. One minute they are ahead, a few minutes later they’re losing.

Sounds like life, huh?

When the home team starts to fall behind, and the next big play is at hand, do they give up? Of course not! A fight song, a rallying cry, or a familiar chant starts up and spreads through the stadium. The team hears the cries of the crowd and many times they gain inspiration and persevere.

mantra you got thisYou need a rally cry, too. A mantra that will remind you of your personal mission statement to overcome.

Guy Kawasaki, entrepreneur, blogger and chief evangelist at Canva once put together a popular article on mantras, encouraging companies to toss their mission statements and adopt a mantra. They are that powerful.

Mission statements are usually hollow words, full of fancy terms like superior, world-class, etc., and they become obsolete less than a month from when they’re created. Why? No one remembers them.

Do you know the mission statement of the place you are employed? Didn’t think so.

7 Tips To Create Your Mantra

Here are ten tips you can use to develop your mantra that will remind you of your awesomeness:

  1. Look at your goals and select words that encompass overcoming any or all of them.
  2. Research motivational quotes and corporate marketing campaigns for help (Click here for a long list of examples to choose from.)
  3. Companies like Nike have memorable slogans that cater to your emotions. Emotions lead you to action. Make your mantra personal and emotional to remind you how awesome you are.Nike mantra Just Do It
  4. Corporate mission statements use too many words; make your mantra short, sweet and to the point. A short mantra is easy to remember, taking less time to remind yourself why you’ll overcome obstacles.
  5. Listen to your favorite song when you are active. There is likely a phrase you can adopt or morph to make your mantra from. (“I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor is a good one, for example)
  6. There are many great movies with impressive rally cries, my personal favorite being “FREEDOM!” from Braveheart. Find one and own it.
  7. Check out Pinterest for great quotes to embed in your life. These selections are my personal favorite.Mantra - I am Becoming

I Have a Mantra – Now What?

When I think back to my life, there were several ways I used a mantra to overcome difficult times.

  • Whether working out, running or what have you – repeating my mantra gave me my highest weight
    lifting totals (I yelled “Freedom!” while squatting 300 lbs. Luckily, my neighbors didn’t hear me.)
  • After receiving bad news, I repeated my mantra to remind me that good times would return.
  • Patience is something I continue to struggle with. As the ultimate reminder, I have Psalms 40 tattooed on my right side so I’ll never forget.
  • Because it was one word at the time, I made “Progress,” my mantra, into my WiFi password. That way anytime friends or I needed to type that in to access my network, it was an ongoing reminder of my commitment to progress and move forward that year.

Starting Over Series Challenge of the Day

Today’s challenge is pretty obvious by now. No, it’s not to create a recipe and name it after your favorite movie actor (although I’d be curious what that could look like…). Yes, as you guessed it, I want you to create your own mantra. Sprinkled throughout this post are a few ideas based on quotes I found online. Use these at your discretion – you may even choose to adopt them.

Whatever the decision – a mantra has incredible power to help push you past your current boundaries and into life-changing waters. Once you’ve created yours, please share in the comment section below. For more great tips, check out our free guide using the button below.

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