Weight Loss Recipes to Increase Energy and Willpower

Weight loss recipes are a great solution when it comes to maintaining your health or losing weight. Does that surprise you?

But the problem is this – when you hear the term “weight loss recipes,” people cover their ears for fear that their beloved taste buds will rebuke them and leave the country. (Ear Muffs, kid!)

weight loss recipes and earmuffs

In today’s post, I’m going to provide a step by step plan for how you can use weight loss recipes to increase your energy and willpower at the same time.

Ready to get started?

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weight loss recipes kitchen bundle giveaway

Step 1 –  The Power of Weight Loss Recipes

Little do most people realize, but recipes are like maps of pure gold. Consider the last time you went on vacation. If you drove, you likely used a map to show you how to get there. Your map was a guide post, a plan that got you to your goal.

Weight loss recipes can be your map to Willpower (especially if you don’t live in the same country as shown in the picture below).

weight loss recipes map to willpower

Grocery stores stock their shelves in a particular fashion to make money. You can’t blame them, but if left unchecked, they can leave you fat and broke.

When you use weight loss recipes for your food choices, you’re setting in motion a willpower action that can ensure your weight loss goals if you see it through. So here’s how to increase your willpower with weight loss recipes:

  1. Gather up your weight loss recipes and what you’ll be cooking
  2. Put together the list of needed ingredients for those recipes
  3. Go to the grocery store and buy ONLY those ingredients
  4. Leave the heavily marketed processed foods, cereals, and sweets on the shelves

When you come back home and prepare your recipes, you’re intentionally deciding and taking action on eating real foods. Assuming your pantry is void of bad choices, you have no recourse but to eat what has been prepared. If your willpower or decision-making abilities are fatigued that day, have no fear – your pantry or refrigerator will be at the rescue.

Your road to Willpower can be traveled to and from using this very simple approach – and it’s all tied to the concept of having weight loss recipes at the ready.

Step 2 – The Formula for Weight Loss Recipes

weight loss recipes can be super easy

Tasty weight loss recipes don’t have to be challenging. With the power of Google, Amazon, and so many other resources, finding recipes is easier than ever.

But be warned!

We’ve talked about the over usage of “healthy” in past articles.  We’ve also discussed “healthy” labeling that isn’t always true. So, be sure the ingredients in your weight loss recipes are limited to a few constraints.

  • The majority, if not all ingredients, should be whole foods (not processed)
  • The produce should be fresh, local and in-season
  • Sweeteners should be kept to a minimum
  • The amount of carbohydrates in proportion to fats should be relatively small. Too many carbohydrates, especially those high on the glycemic index will drive insulin up along with fat storage.

The formula for weight loss recipes is a pretty easy one. Here’s a standard everyday blueprint to go from:

  1. A one person portion of meat is 5-8 oz. meat (chicken, beef, seafood, etc.)
  2. 2-4 cups of a low-glycemic vegetable (broccoli, onions, sweet potatoes, etc.)
  3. A dose of fat to add flavor and provide energy
  4. Make multiple batches in one session to save time and aid in portioning the meals
  5. Don’t forget the “secret ingredient”

Step 3- The Secret Ingredient for Weight Loss Recipes

Even Colonel Sanders employs my secret ingredient technique for what I use in all of my weight loss recipes. It provides that additional boost that some foods need, even chicken, in the case of Kentucky Fried Chicken.
weight loss recipes need spices

The secret ingredient is… spices.

If you’ve over or under cooked your food, sorry – you are on your own! But if you’ve enjoyed a recipe and want to change up its flavor profile for added enjoyment, spices are the easy go to.

For example, let’s say you enjoy beef patties or chicken breast. If you want a little “South of the Border” flavor, just add some cumin, cayenne, chipotle, and oregano.

Using the same beef or chicken, give it some Italian zing by replacing the earlier spices with basil, fennel, oregano, and thyme. In a short time you’ll have more dishes to enjoy than you have time to cook them. Here are a few more blends via Women’s Health:

weight loss recipes with spice blends

Step 4 – Time Savers for Weight Loss Recipes

If you’re like me and love to cook, but are always looking for a few life-hacks to get the job done faster, you’re in luck, my friend. Have we got a deal for you!

The kitchen, when properly equipped, is like the pit area of the home. Instead of pneumatic drills, socket sets, and wrenches, a well-stocked kitchen has the latest gadgets that serve multiple functions and cut prep time in half (or more).

First up is the InstantPot Duo, which is a combination stock pot, steam cooker, pressure cooker and slow cooker all rolled into one. With programming capabilities, you can saute or brown meats, throw in the veggies, set it and forget it. A few hours later, the best tasting roast you’ve ever had will be waiting for you to enjoy.

Another time saver, especially regarding cleanup, is the Cuisinart Smart Stick. This little beauty comes in a dozen colors and makes smoothies, soups, drinks and more. It’s a hand-blender with one control for speed.

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weight loss recipes kitchen bundle giveaway

For more time-saving recipes using the Instant Pot, check out Nom Nom Paleo’s list of favorites. She has ten recipes you can use right away with an Instant Pot or slow cooker that are guaranteed to be healthy as well as tasty.

And for some smoothie recipes, my partner Brooke has two delicious recipes – her Raspberry Smoothie as well as her Breakfast Smoothie. Both are excellent uses of the Cuisinart Smart Stick and can be made in record time as weight loss recipes just for you.


weight loss recipes according to Ron Burgundy

So there you have it, as Ron Burgundy would say – the secrets behind how to make weight loss recipes, increase your willpower, and by default will increase your energy by eating the way you were meant to. Let’s review:

  1. Increase and grow your willpower by collecting and buying ingredients for weight loss recipes. You’ll take the guesswork out of what the right foods are to lose weight, and you’ll push off the much-discussed decision fatigue.
  2. The formula for weight loss recipes is easy. Well portioned meat combined with low-glycemic vegetables and a healthy fat will leave you well fed, satiated and energized for your next workout or chore.
  3. The secret ingredient if your weight loss recipes leave you wanting is as simple as a trip to the spice rack. Using the provided infographic, combine the spices of your choosing to travel around the world while staying in your kitchen.
  4. Great recipes can be further enhanced when they take less time to create. We’re talking kitchen gadgets! And that ties in perfectly to our Kitchen Time Saver Bundle. If you’d liked a chance to win your own InstantPot Duo and Cuisinart Smart Stick, register today before the giveaway is over. (Ends July 8, 2016)